Why should Do Kegel exercise?


 What is the Kegel exercise?

Kegel exercise is an easy and beneficial exercise which is you can do before and after your prostate cancer treatment to help your pelvic floor muscles. The main thing is these muscles are controlled by Urine flow.

Kegel exercise is one of the most beneficial and significant ways of controlling inconsistency without any drug, prescription.

The educational equipment was made apparent by the grant from the California Department of justice. Antivirus law section from trail territory funds to benefit California’s diagnosed with cancer of their families.

Why should Do Kegel exercise?

The prostate is a gland, that’s about the size of a walnut, which is located under the bladder surrounding the Upper deck Side of the Urethra And the Urethra is a tube that holds up the Urine over the penis to the outside of the body.

In this case, your Urine leakage, Remember one thing it takes some time to build your biceps and boost any other Body muscles.

How much Time shows the result?

This may take six weeks or more to reinforce your pelvic floor muscles so the best time to Doing Kegel exercises before you have prostate cancer treatment. This helped your Kegel exercise better than better.

This will also maintain your pelvic floor muscles before you start treatment. Know one thing your pelvic floor muscles are like any other body muscle. It takes formal exercise and time to bolster them.

If my Urine Leakage Stop Can I do Kegel Exercise?

Most of the men get control of their Urine Leakage within 9 to 12 months after the treatment. Studies about men to show this Kegel exercise is helpful to reduce Urine Leakage. Nonetheless, the healing time of every man is different.

And don’t be discourage when Urine leakage. When you do your Kegel exercise and then you can expect to see your outcome.


We’ll conclude the whole topic is important for your think about and plan. How you’ll take care of yourself after and before prostate cancer surgery. This topic is to help how you better care yourself and feel good and more in Control and then you can get more from your surgery.


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