What is epilepsy in detail with seizures?

epilepsy in detail with seizures

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is one of the neurological disorder diseases which is affecting people at any age. And epilepsy is a chronic disorder disease that affects the brain. So, epilepsy is unpredictable seizures. And epilepsy can make other health problems. But the common public people don’t have more knowledge about epilepsy. And that can make more issues in the future. In epilepsy conditions the person becomes abnormal. It is an unusual behavior period. So epilepsy affects both gender male and female. What is epilepsy in detail with seizures?

Epilepsy has some main causes like low oxygen during birth, brain injury, or accident. Brain tumors and others also stress sometimes contribute to be epilepsy. Epilepsy is divided into main types which depend on seizures. Focal epilepsy, general epilepsy. To diagnosing epilepsy there is an (EEG) test that is a must. It is the brain activity tests during this test check either brain produces tiny electrical signals during this test.

These signals connect with an EEG device. According to the world health organization, 50 million people in the world are affected by this disease. Most of them belong to poor countries. About epilepsy, not proper permanent treatment is available. Some precautions for Epilepsy patients is must take medication on time. Avoid driving. Don’t go near the flame.

What is a seizure?

The seizure is the uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain, it may cause unconsciousness and convulsion when your body shakes unaccountably. The seizure comes suddenly. How long and severe vary.

Types of seizures:

Many types of seizures are below.

1. Focal seizure:

A focal seizure occurs when a seizure movement is partial to the part of one brain hemisphere. There is a part of the brain from where a seizure is starting. And the focal seizure also has two types.
i. Retained awareness: In the past, it was known by simple partial seizure.
ii. Loss of awareness: such type of seizure is known as a focal cognitive seizure. The old name was a complex seizure.

2. Generalized seizure:

when abnormal electrical activity causing a seizure in both halves at the same time in the brain. In generalized seizure absence seizure, myoclonic, colonic seizure, tonic seizure.

What causes of Epilepsy:

There are some main causes of epilepsy that occur because of brain damage.

  •  Stroke can be the cause of epilepsy.
  •  The brain tumor is also the main cause.
  •  Brain severe injury.
  •  Drug abuse and the use of alcohol.
  •  Brain infection.
  •  Less amount of oxygen during birth time.
  •  Some genetic problems.

Symptoms of epilepsy:

The symptoms of epilepsy are:

  •  Confusion.
  •  Unneeded movement of the legs and hand.
  •  Loss of awareness.
  •  Gazing.
  •  Fear.
  •  Anxiety.

Diagnosis of epilepsy:

It is a clinical thing. Based on the symptoms. For epilepsy diagnosing some steps and processes to be followed. Some important are given below.

Neurological doctor:

For epilepsy diagnosis, you need to visit a neurological doctor which can take some of your tests like behavior, mental health, and other body condition.


Is the most common test to diagnose epilepsy in which it is the process of electrical signals which is produced by the brain. And to check the brain activity.


Magnetic resonance image is the huge radio magnet waves to take the image of the brain and show the injured part or cells of the brain.

Blood test:

Another is the blood test due to check the signs of genetic infection in the blood.

Precautions of epilepsy:

The effect of the epilepsy patient needs some main precaution to be safe yourself from seizure incidents suddenly.


Epilepsy is the neural system disorder in brain activity to becomes mental or abnormal, seizure of non-usual behavior. The cause is the lack of oxygen during birth or parents’ genetic issues. The focal seizure is the most common. No proper treatment. And there are some precautions to be safe self.



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