Usage of Alcohol

Alcohol usage and side effects

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a harmful organic substance that is found in beer, wine. And spirits that cause drunkenness. Alcohol use start is 2700 years ago in Greece. And usage of Alcohol drinking is mostly used in happy events like wedding parties, birthdays. But the alcohol(Ethanol) prepared from grained foods and vegetables.

Through the fermentation process yeast and bacteria when reacting with sugar. Alcohol consumption annually contributes up to 3 million deaths. Because Drinking too much alcohol cause the mental effect of alcohol and physical health issues. Drinking too much can damage the liver also cause cardiovascular illness.

There are 3-4 types of alcohol:-

(i) Ethyl


(iiiEthyl alcohol

(ivGrain alcohol.

The use of alcohol in many forms in medicine as a germ-free and antidote. The symptoms of the usage of alcohol are behavior problemsmental changes, low attention, and also poor coordination. And according to statistics the top harmful alcohol countries.

What happens when someone drinks alcohol?

Alcohol is very quickly moving all the parts of the body. So, the liver breaks down the alcohol in some amount. Some top alcohol usage countries in the world are Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia. And also the usage of alcohol in  Czech, Romania, Serbia, and Australia.

Symptoms of liver illness due to alcohol:-

  • Feel sickly.
  • Down in weight.
  • So no interest in eating.
  • Eyes color changed yellowing.
  • Feel swelling in the ankles or tummy.

Four types or types of alcohol: 

Types of Alcohol

Alcohol has the main four types which include.

Ethyl alcohol:-

Ethyl alcohol is a colorless alcohol juice but like beer, and wine. It used in beauty cosmetics, products, and to paint, varnished. In beauty products, it acts to clean the skin. And such types of products ethyl did not cause any acute.

Isopropyalcohol (C3H8O):-

Isopropyl alcohol is another type of alcohol that can be mixed with water and anti-germs, making lotions and cream aftershave. And also use in cosmetic industries.

Grain alcohol:

Grain alcohol is the purified form of ethanol So, it is pure used in the wine.

Ethanol alcohol:

Ethanol alcohol is used in medicine mostly for the act of antiseptic also more usage.

Short term effects usage of alcohol or Russian vodka:

  • Loudly speaking.
  • Feel sleepy.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Unsettle stomach.
  • Headaches.
  • Inhale during the problem.
  • Not clear hearing.
  • Weak judgment.
  • Insensibilities.
  • Loss of red blood cells.
  • Coma.

Long term effects usage of alcohol Drinking:-

Because drinking different types of alcohol. Vodka cocktails, Russian vodka. And other types of alcohol make some long-term effects on health which is harmful to life. But the consumption of lots of alcohol-associated with these main factors.

  • Mouth and throat cancer.
  • Unexpected injuries like a car accident fall and burned.
  • High blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Damage to the liver.
  • Nerve system.
  • Law violations.
  • The family problem occurs because of drinking alcohol.

Vodka drink:

 Vodka in the form of alcohol made of grains and potatoes vodka has a standard alcohol concentration of 40% alcohol by volume in America.

Russian vodka:

 Russian vodka starts in 1998 which is the most popular drink and considers a symbol in Russia. It was the traditional recipe of the Siberian recipe. And now the Russian brand quickly growing in the world.


 Beer is a known popular drink worldwide. It is in the history of the alcoholic drink. Beer use after the water and tea most consummated drink. Because it’s a light alcoholic drink.


Wine is also another beverage alcoholic drink that is made of grapes grains food fermented juice. The most common fruits used in making wine are grapes, apples, cranberries, plums, etc.


Whisky is made of different varieties of grain includes barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whisky is most popularly used in Ireland, America, and Canada. Some facts about whisky are:

Ingredient: Grain.

Proof:          80-140.

ABV:            40-70.

Calories in a short: 70.


 A colorless volatile flammable liquid that is made of grain food and vegetables. Alcoholism is a disease in the world of 17 million people affected. Alcohol generally refers to drinks such as wine, beer, and spirits that contain a chemical called is ethyl alcohol (ethanol). So, alcohol is a variety of short and long terms effects like cancer, liver, stomach.




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