Top 5 Social Issues in the World

Top 5 Social Issues in the World
Top 5 Social Issues in the World


The world has several issues of the local and global society. Some are the main which most of the people are facing in the society. This blog will help you in social issues to identify the top 5 social issues in the world and inspire your work. It’s also great to have some samples to exemplify the idea in the classroom or just to fulfill your interest.

And all of these issues are the main problems that affect lots of people in a society. Rather than problems that affect only a few people.

1) Poverty and Homelessness issue:

Poverty and homelessness are global problems. According to the new research Habitat for Humanity, one-quarter of the world’s population lives in poverty and homeless situations that affect their health and care. Many of them even do not have shelter homes, which is a basic need of human life for survival.

This social problem also goes outside the 1/4 of the population on the spot affected. Because of the absence of housing and shelter for this helpless population, there is larger pressure on management and social programs, plus schools/ colleges and healthcare hospitals and the overall system. Top 5 Social Issues we identified briefly.

2) Climate Change:

The changing climate is another issue that during change affects the whole world. This also a big problem for the people who are already facing poverty and another thing. Poor and homeless don’t have a place to even stay there and how they can save themselves from the Hot summer and cold winter. So climate change also affects the agricultural side. Now according to new research 800 million people in extreme poverty.

3) Overpopulation:

Day by day the population of the world is growing. According to reports that the present population of 7.7 billion people is predictable to grow in the coming 10 years, with a prediction of 8.5 billion people by 2030.

Some areas which are the fastest-growing in the world, such as sub-Saharan Africa, often face already lack of resources like land for agriculture farming. When the population becomes more than the country can handle. The people will need to move to another area to avoid hunger and homelessness.

4) Unemployment:

Unemployment is in the Top 5 Social Issues of every country. Some countries are stables but 75% are not stable and their government did not provide an opportunity to do a government job. Due to unemployment lots of people’s financial condition is not good. So this is the cause of society’s problem.

5) Corruption:

Corruption is the entire world issue not only the Asian country issues. Not the corruption is only on the upper level but we can feel and see it in our local society of every person, every marketplace and authority person. Those who are able to do this he/she must try to do the corruption and that’s why every country and society day by day is going toward more problems. Due to corruption in society, nobody gets his/her right. 


All societies fall into some issues which are possible and some are difficult to be solved. So major are health, poverty, climate-changing, overpopulation, and corruption. The main root of all the problems is corruption. Top 5 Social Issues.



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