Top 10 World’s  Best Food

top 10 best foods.

Top 10 World's  Best Foods
Top 10 World's  Best Foods

1. Potato chips, United Kingdom

Food are the dates and locations of the potato chip’s creation. Although American food legend says that created in New York in 1853 the first recorded recipe for “Potatoes Fried in Slices or Shavings” can be found in an Englishman’s best-selling 1817 cookbook.

Whatever the case, they are currently among the best and most kid-friendly food in the world. But consider it this way: if a single chip were $5, it would be a much bigger (and more sought-after) delicacy food than caviar, a prize worthy of fighting a battle for.

2. Seafood paella, Spain

Use a mortar and pestle to thoroughly grind the garlic and chilies for Thailand’s most well-known salad. Add tamarind juice, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar cane paste, tomatoes, dried shrimp, string beans, and a few pieces of grated green papaya. Grab some sticky rice as a side. No variation can match the flavors and understated elegance the original which can found in dishes cooked with crab (some tam boo) and fermented fish sauce

3. Chicken rice, Singapore

This steaming or boiled chicken dish is frequently referred to as Singapore’s “national meal,” is served with aromatic oily rice sliced cucumbers the sole vegetable. Some varieties include roasted chicken and soy sauce chicken. It’s one of Singapore best dishes no matter how made. When you’re not actually in Singapore eating chicken rice, the dipping sauces—premium black soy sauce, chilies with garlic, and pounded ginger—give it that extra oomph to make you miss it.

4. Stinky tofu, Southeast Asia

There are few things that can truly prepare you for the smell of one of the oddest food on Earth. One of Southeast Asia’s most recognized delicacies, along with durian, is stinky tofu. Many people find it impossible to forget the recollection of the smell of fermenting tofu for months. Is the reputedly heavenly taste therefore truly worth the effort? Yes, it is.

5. Ketchup, United States

It qualifies as a perfect dish if Malcolm Gladwell says it is. Let’s face it, anything that can persuade 2-year-olds to eat their carrots instead of spitting them into the floor is deserving of the labels “delicious” and “wonder of persuasion,” in addition to the former.

6. Biryani

The most popular of the lot is possibly this dish. Beef mutton chicken may be used to prepare the rice-based dish known as “biryani”. The delectable Basmati rice which would be turned yellow by turmeric other spices and herbs its most famous export.

The addition of well-cooked potatoes, tomatoes, and lemons to the biryani also adds taste, structure, and complementing aromatics.

7. Chicken Tikka

The chicken Tikka is boneless and marinated in yogurt-like dahi and spices being baked or grilled. It can be served in sizzling dish skewers.

Although generally eaten alone, chicken tikka is also delicious with naan bread.

8. Haleem

Another stew dish from Pakistan that requires lot of time prepare is Haleem)It includes ground beef, wheat, barley, and other Pakistani essentials (mutton beef or chicken). The preparation typically takes a long time since the lentils and special spices need time to combine completely with the minced meat. The outcome is a distinctive and tasty paste that will quench your craving.

9. Conclusion

Even though this is a lengthy list on its own, you better believe that Pakistani food has even more to offer. Even though we’ve tried to attract you and convey the rich experience that is Pakistani cuisine, the only way to truly experience how good they are is by visiting a Pakistani restaurant close to you.

In Vancouver, BC, Karakoram Restaurant offers the greatest Pakistani cuisine. In addition to offering delectable at our Victoria Drive restaurant, we also host business events, birthday parties, weddings, and other special food occasions. Give us a call away to make a reservation.

10. Nihari

The Nihari is a great choice if you’re in the mood for soup. It has meat that simmered in spices for several hours. One of best-tasting meat meals in the world is made from bone marrow is fully flavored by the slow cooking procedure.

The Nihari is a very time-consuming disc to prepare because of the same lengthy cooking technique that gives it such a delicious flavor. Pakistanis typically save the Nihari for special occasions because of this. However, you may have them whenever you want because of the Pakistani food eateries in Vancouver!


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