Side effects of covid-19 and treatment

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Effects of covid-19:-

Entry & attachment with the receptor in the body

At the point when the body presented to and it gains section in the body. And goes toward the lungs and discovers the side effects of COVID-19. And treatment its receptor on alveoli to join with it and afterward begin crushing impacts. Side effects of covid-19 and treatment.

Here is a question what is a type 2 cell and what it’s a function?

There are 3 types of alveolar cells:

alveolar cells

There are three main types:

1: These are involved in gas (oxygen & carbon dioxide) exchange.

2: Meant for producing surfactant (a mixture of proteins and lipids), which reduces the surface tension of alveoli.

3: Is really a macrophage meant for eating germs also called dust cells. So, type 2 cell contains ACE-2 receptor, a site for COVID-19 to attach with.

Entry in cell and replication

Side effects of COVID-19 and treatment These spike proteins help in connection. And then goes into the alveolar cell. So start replication by managing the alveolar cell core. And alveolar cells start to kick the bucket. Biting the dust cells discharge fiery middle people as typical cell reacts to harming boost. The final product is more produces an ordinary useful alveolar cell is passing on.

Cytotoxic effects

Inflammatory mediators start stimulating. The macrophages and then these macrophages start to secretes 3 types of cytokines. These are

  1. Interleukin 1 (IL-1).
  2. Interleukin 6 (IL-6).
  3. Tumor necrosis factors (TNF-alpha).

These three substances cause the symptoms associated with Corona Virus such as , , Etc.


  1. First at the level of the Lungs.

Cytokines affect the blood vessel known as capillaries. Surrounded the alveoli and cause:

  1. Vasodilation, increase in diameter.
  2. Increase permeability.

As permeability increased, there is now alveolar edema. A fact with an increase in permeability of capillaries in the lungs. This leads to hypoxia and shortness of .

As there is also releasing surfactant from damaged alveolar cells. That leads to an increase in surface tension and consequently leads to alveolar collapse. And it also leads to hypoxia and shortness of .

These substances also stimulate immune symptoms. And lead to an increase in the movement of neutrophils towards the viral attacked site. These neutrophils cell release to substances:

  1. Proteases.
  2. Reactive oxygen species.

These substances cause viral destruction and also some alveolar cell destruction leads to .

treatment of corona-virus

Treatment of Corona Virus:

  • Self-care

In the case of mild symptoms, just stay at home and avoid social interaction and take rest and sleep. Also, a lot of and take a hot shower can ease the symptoms such as and .

  • Passive immunization

Until a proper vaccine comes in the market. And the use of recovered patient plasma from blood can be an option of treatment for diseased patients. This practice has started in some countries such as Pakistan.

Written by: Rashid Aslam (DVM and Master In Pathologist)

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