Registration for COVID-19 Vaccination in Pakistan

Registration for COVID-19 Vaccination in Pakistan
Registration for COVID-19 Vaccination in Pakistan

As we all know COVID-19 vaccination is available in Pakistan and registration has been started since March 2021. First of all, it starts for people aged 60+. Then it allowed to registered of people aged 50+. After some weeks it reduces the age limit and allows 40+ aged people as per scheduled. After some weeks 30+ aged people allow to registered and since May 27, 2021. 19+ aged people, the youngsters are allowed to vaccinate.


Many people don’t know how to register or many others don’t have the knowledge of vaccination. They don’t know how many people or which age of people are allowed to vaccinate.

How to Register?

As we discussed the unawareness of registration, it’s not a big deal. Registration for covid-19 vaccination is a very easy and simple method.

Write your CNIC number in the message box and send it to 1166. After you receive a message from 1166. Your CNIC number is registered now. The date of vaccination will be sent to you soon. Now you are registered for vaccination. You also registered yourself through the website of NADRA.

Where to go for COVID-19 Vaccination

After sending the message, you received a message. After some days that includes a secret code. The vaccination center and the date of vaccination. Here they tell us about the vaccination center. But the issue is that sometimes they tell us about the center which is far away from us. When the registration of vaccination was started. We had to visit the center which was allocated by the Govt through a message. But now you have the option to get your vaccination from an allocated center or any center near to you. When vaccination started it was difficult to go to the allocated place for vaccination. But now it is very easy because there are many vaccination centers in every city of Pakistan.

covid-19 second dose

Registration for the second Dose

As for the first dose, we registered yourself by sending the message or inserting data on the website of NADRA so you are registered now and you are in the record of the NADRA and COVID-19 team. For the second you don’t need to send any message to 1166 nor insert data to the website, you are registered for the second dose automatically. When you receive a message for the second dose from 1166 you go to your nearby vaccination center and get your second dose. The secret code of your second vaccination dose is the same as for the first.

Allowed People

As in starting it was allowed to the person whose age is 60+ but with time the limit reduced day by day and now it is allowed to the person aged 19+.

The government gives relaxation to the people aged 30+ to vaccinate themself without sending a message to 1166. But it is necessary for the 19+ person to first register themself through message or website then vaccinate themself. If they don’t receive any message from 1166 for vaccination after sending CNIC they have to re-send this message because without receiving the code it’s not allowed to vaccinate any person under the age of 29.

Certificate of Vaccination

After getting both doses now you are completely vaccinated and now you are prevented from COVID-19. You have to show somewhere that I’m completely vaccinated and I’m able to participate there like when you travel abroad. It is necessary to vaccinate yourself because it’s demanded of every country in the world. So for this Govt. of Pakistan gives you a certificate after getting a second dose from the NADRA office. The fee for the certificate is 100 rupees.

The important thing is that only the person who registered themself to NADRA through sending a message received his/her certificate. The person who gets the vaccination manually is not able to receive a certificate.



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