Physical and cognitive disability and its types

Disability types

What is a disability?

Disability is the condition in which the body can be defaced. And that makes it much difficult for the person. Who to perform all the daily life activities. because in such a condition in which the body has not accomplished some task. And disability may be natural or human accidental. The natural disability includes cognitive impairment sensory, intellectual, visions. And eye disability, hearing, speaking movement, and mental disability. Some ratio of disability is hidden which is called an invisible disability. Physical and cognitive disability and its types.

And which cannot see adopted hearing, vision, Remembering, learning, etc. Because In the natural disability before birth cause, the problem may be the parents’ genetic problem. But the case in which baby birth fit. And after an accident, It converts to a disabled person. This is called the un-natural disability. The act of the disability 1993. And in which defines disability. About 15% of the whole world population is disabling in any type. Disability and its types. Cognitive, physical, mental health, psychological, vision, hard hearing.

Type’s disability:-

The disability has many types. And which considered is global.  According to act 1993. Some disabilities we defined here.

Cognitive disability:- 

Cognitive psychology is one of the major types of disability. And in which a person’s mental and psychological disorders before born. Because it is most obvious in cases of traumatic brain injury and genetic disorders. That makes a cognitive disability. So cognitive disability when a child in school level it very weak IQ level. And according to the research, the percentage of males is greater than by female cognitive disability.

And some basic example of cognitive impairment is autism, dementia, Down syndrome, or traumatic brain injury. Cognitive disabilities can be diagnosed in three ways. Physical and cognitive disability and its types.

1) Intellectual functioning:

Refer to general mental reasoning, solving, problem, complex ideas, etc.

2) Adaptive behavior or functioning:

Such types of behaviors in which live alone, independent, socially competent.

3) Medical exams:

The medical examination includes a history of the disease’s new check-up, tests related to the disease.

Symptoms and signs of cognitive disability:-

  • Follow other children.
  • No quick responder.
  • Not a fast learner.
  • No problem-solving skills.

Physical disability:

Physical disabilities are a type of disability. And in which a person is affected by physical movement. The movement may be the foot or hand or other parts of the body. It could be spinal cord injury. And further physical disabilities have two types congenital and acquired. In the congenital type, the person with birth disables or their muscles.  And in the acquired person can be accident, disease, infection disable.

Physical disability wheel chair

What is vision impairment?

Vision impairment is a disease in which the person decreases the level of the ability to see. And it divided in farther into two groups. One in which humans can weaken or even cannot look near. The second is in which the affected cannot see anything like it’s blind. In vision impairment. There are few categories like blurred vision, loss of central vision, light sensitivity. So night blindness is common in this. Physical and cognitive disability and its types.

Mental health:-

Mental health is another example of a disability. So which mental health includes psychological, emotional, and social well-being, act, and feel. Because It tells us how to deal with this. And good mental health is important at every age. Even child, young and old. But positive mental health realizes people their full potential.

Hard hearing:

Hard hearing is the disability of the hearing. And which a person can be heard very difficultly or even not hear.


The disability means the body cannot perform all the daily life tasks. And in a proper way or the condition. In which the body cannot do certain activities. So all the activities like cognitive, intellectual, mental, physical, And sensory, or any other factor are known as a disability. So disability can be before or after birth.



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