Latest COVID-19 Cases Track

Latest COVID-19 Cases Track
Latest COVID-19 Cases Track

World Health Organization (WHO) pulled the latest data of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 track, rate of death, and the no. of recovered patients of COVID-19. The dashboard also collects data from all the centers of diseases in the US, China, and Europe. It shows all the confirmed and suspected cases of COVID and the number of people who recovered or died. Data visualized by Graphic Information System (GIS).

Data also received from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering of Johns Hopkins University expect the US. The data of the US received from states and local health departments.

COVID-19’s third layer is very strong and it spreads faster as scientists don’t know about this virus because its history is too small. 

Pakistan Statics  

The statics till June 07, 2021, of Pakistan is mentioned here

Confirmed Cases

First of all, we discuss the confirmed cases of Covid which is 933,630 and in the last 24 hours, there are 1490 cases.

 No. of Deaths

The no. of deaths in Covid till today is 21,323 and the result of the last 24 hours is 58 deaths.

Recovered Persons

The total no. of persons who have recovered till now is 864,931 and the record in the last 24 hours is 1820.

Critical CasesThe persons are very critical and close to death are 3205 and the good thing is that no one is recorded in the last 24 hours.

Total Tests

The no. of tests of COVID is 13,572,880 till and the no. of tests in the last 24 hours is 49,285.

If we expand it and go to provincial base result the details are given by the National Government of Pakistan.


Most cases are in Punjab, the situation is very serious. The virus spreads very speedily that is why Govt. of Punjab is very strict to follow SOPs. The total number of patients only in Punjab is 342,498.


After Punjab, the second one is Sindh in which the no. of patients are at the extreme level; the total no. of the case in Sindh is 323,828.


The third one is KPK. The no. of the case in KPK is 134,558.


The no. of the case in Islamabad is 81,766.


25,819 are the total patients recorded in Balochistan.


In Azad Jammu Kashmir the total case is 19,519.

Gilgit Baltistan

The least number of affected persons in Pakistan is recorded in Gilgit Baltistan only 5,642.

Latest COVID-19 Cases Track
Situation in Pakistan

Vaccine Statics

The no. of total doses administered in Pakistan is 8,263,763 and updates in the last 24 hours are 255,006. In which such people get both doses and such get single doses.

The persons who are partially vaccinated are 4,054,355 and the persons who got both doses are 2,310,115.

The tracks of COVID patients, deaths, recovered patients, and no. of vaccines are taken from the resource of Govt. web page click here.

International COVID Report Track

Corona started to spread in March 2020 all over the world. According to latest COVID-19 cases track The United States has 16 million confirmed cases are recorded and more than 304.000 deaths.

The average daily rate of sick persons in the U.A.E. is 2000 and the average death rate is 3.1.

The average rate of patients in France is 6563 and the average rate of death is 85.4.

The average rate of sick persons in India is 126,968 and the death ratio is 2943.



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