How To Making Coronavirus Vaccine

corona virus vaccine 2020

Vaccine, Drug trials, Chloroquine and Treatments for Coronavirus

Covid-19 vaccines are already being under trial in humans and in animals. The trial for chloroquine is limited; most treatment is respiratory support with ventilators. Not really any good treatment yet. How To Making Coronavirus Vaccine Now there are many cutting edge-drugs are available to counter the Pandemic from coronavirus. It is not easy to develop the vaccine, Developing new vaccines always take time and must be tested and confirmed safe by using clinical trials before they can be used in humans and animals. Vaccines are important for us to fight against diseases especially against those diseases whose treatments are not available.

coronavirus vaccine

What is the Vaccine?

Basically, the vaccine is a type of treatment and the purpose of this treatment is to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight against pathogens, like viruses and bacteria. Vaccines use before the virus enters the body and before there replication into the body.
The 1st vaccine was developed by Edward Jenner in the late 18th century.

The antigen is the main component of the vaccine because the body detects this antigen as a foreign substance. And then the body’s immune system activates, finally antibodies produce against these foreign substances. Adjuvant added to enhance the immune response, antibiotic to prevent the contamination then stabilizers and preservatives.

Making Coronavirus Vaccine

  • In developing a vaccine of Covid-19, the scientist is looking at the projections of Coronavirus, these projections help the virus to enter the human cell. Where this coronavirus replicate. These projections are known as spikes or S proteins. Because the S protein is prevalent in this virus. And the researchers are starting to make a vaccine against the part of S protein.
  • A novel type of vaccine also called a nucleic acid vaccine, is essentially programmable and containing a small piece of genetic code, this code act as the antigen.
  • By taking a small piece of genetic code for S protein and fuse this genetic code with fatty nanoparticles and can be injected the human body at it will stimulate the immune response.

When will a coronavirus vaccine be available?

Fauci, of the infectious diseases institute, said that a vaccine takes a year and a half away for their preparation. They said even though we are likely to see human trials start within the next month or two.

How you can treat COVID-19?

There are no specific treatments for coronavirus as yet reported from WHO except to protect yourself from this virus.
It is an experimental antiviral drug. Drugs did not design to destroy SARS-CoV-2. And these drugs are working by knocking out a specific piece of machinery in the virus. It is also known as RNA polymerase, many viruses use this machinery.
Also known as Avigan is an antiviral property as well. This drug design to target RNA virus which includes influenza and coronavirus. These drugs disturb the pathway which viruses used for their replication in the cell.
This drug used to treat malaria for many years. This drug has antiviral properties and more effective when used with Azithromycin. And this drug is able to block the viruses for not binding with human cells and in this way it stops the replication of viruses. This drug also stimulates the immune response.

Written By: Dr. Rashid Aslam (DVM, Pathologist Specialist)



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