How to become a good person?

How to become a good person

Become a good person

How to become a good person? I chose this topic because I am very concerned about life nowadays. Most people misjudge the value of behavior. People are always busy in their life activities. Behavior is a very important thing in life because without a behavior we are nothing in this world. Although we have a high value on something, bad behavior we are nothing in public.

A good person is someone who shows love, respect, kindness, goodness, humanity, and meets all things.  It is someone who shows self-control and considers others more important than self. It is someone who is a good friend, a good partner, and someone who displays honesty, nobility, and accountability towards self and others. Many people said that how to become a good person? it is very difficult for them because they are very busy in their life and they are facing so many problems in their life.

a good person never die

There are some Actions that help to become a good person.

1. How to see yourself as you really are:

In human life, the key to attaining the goal is self-knowledge. It is important to join the practice of love and compassion with the practice of insight. Your journey of becoming a better person starts with seeing yourself who are you. This is about more in tune with your deeper self, so you can rely on what makes you happy and sad. Take goods of your strength but also your weakness.  Self-knowledge is important for the central reason because it offers us a way to have greater happiness and fulfillment. You can see yourself by your choice of favorite apology.

2. Accept responsibility:

Accept responsibility means when you do something wrong in your life, or at least accept why someone may be expecting an apology from you.  It means that your own actions may have led you to the situation you are in now, whether you like it or not. Stop blaming others when things don’t go right. A good key to becoming a good person is accepting the responsibility for your own actions including your behavior, emotions, and failures. We usually often put blame on others, sometimes so precise we hardly realize we are doing it. We make excuses for ourselves and why something is not our fault. You take control of your life when you accept that you are alone responsible for your actions.

3. Be a good listener:

Listening to others and hearing them out with an open mind is one of the best things you can do for another person and for yourself. Listening can feel at times like a lost , maybe because we are communicating so much more electronically. That is not good thinking because being a good listener help in every aspect of life with your family, friends, and your employee at work. Good listening shows the speaker that you value their opinion. It allows you to a closer connection with others.  You can also increase your knowledge by becoming a good listener.

4. Be polite:

Being polite means being aware of and respecting the feelings of others. We may not notice politeness but we may notice rudeness or selfish behavior. Be polite is a small act of kindness we can do for every person we come across. If you say “Thank you” or “Please” giving someone a warm greeting. These little things impress positive feelings those around you, especially when you meet first. Different situations call for different levels of politeness and formality. For example, grabbing a or a with a friend will be a more free and easy situation with a more relaxed language than a formal or a meeting work.

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According to my point of, If you are a cricketer, , , whatever you are, first of all, your duty is to become a good person. Always respect that if you respect others they will respect you in return. In this world, most of the high-rank men are a good person and they get this ranking by the action as mentioned above. You should become a better person so that everyone should respect you.




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