How thalassemia is occurs in child

thalassemia occur in child

What is thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a blood disorder disease. Which is transmitted in the families to their inheritance. In certain situations, the body did not make the hemoglobin in proper quantity. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells. That carries oxygen to all parts of the body. In this situation when the body did not receive oxygen the body cannot work properly. There two main types of thalassemia minor and major.

In the world ratio total, 280 million people have thalassemia. The most affected region is middle east south Asians and Africans. So the male and female ratio is almost the same. Thalassemia has several symptoms that depend on the condition of thalassemia.

Pale or yellowish skin Facial bone deformities. Because in that cause the hemoglobin is in red blood cells which carry oxygen in the body. And when the production of oxygen into the body is reduced then it causes thalassemia. The risk factor of the thalassemia is family thalassemia history and parents. Thalassemia is occurs.

Types of thalassemia:  

There are many types of thalassemia. But two are main, thalassemia beta and alpha.

1. Beta thalassemia major:

Beta thalassemia is a blood disorder disease that is inherited by parents. So people of beta-thalassemia major have severe symptoms and serious anemia. And they need a proper period of blood transfusions and other medical treatment for that. Thalassemia beta is a severe form of thalassemia.


Shortness of breath.

A fast heartbeat.

Pale skin.

Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice).


Slow growth.

2. Beta thalassemia minor:

In the beta-thalassemia minor the only one gene is damaged. Because in this situation parents have 50% chances to transferred.

Extreme tiredness (fatigue).
Pale skin.
Slow or delayed growth.
Weak bones.
Enlarged spleen.

1. Alpha thalassemia:

Alpha thalassemia is also a blood disorder disease that can inherit by their parents. It can be transferred by one or both parents. The thalassemia affected has less amount of hemoglobin in their blood. Hemoglobin contains iron, proteins in the red blood cells.

Causes of alpha thalassemia:

A total of four genes are complicated in making the alpha hemoglobin chain in the blood. And you get two from each of your parents.

Single mutated gene. you will have no signs or symptoms of thalassemia. But you are a mover of the disease and can pass it on to your children.

• Double mutated genes. your thalassemia signs, and symptoms will be minor if both genes are muted. And this state might be the so-called alpha-thalassemia trait.

• Triple mutated genes. your thalassemia signs, and symptoms will be sensible to severe. Thalassemia is occurs.


Thalassemia has several presentations or signs. That can come in the early 6 months of age.

Become yellowish.
In early age no gaining weight according to age.
Fever and lose motions.
Facial bone deformities.
Slow growth.
Abdominal swelling.
Dark urine.

What causes of thalassemia:

The main cause of thalassemia is the mutation of the DNA. Cell to make the hemoglobin productions. The patient may inherit from their parents to be genes. If in your parents one is the carrying thalassemia your full chances to be thalassemia minor. But when both parents are already carrying. Then you have more than 50% chances to be thalassemia major. thalassemia is occurs.


thalassemia is the blood disorder disease. And which body did not produce the hemoglobin which body needs. The treatment of thalassemia is not easy. they survive of the people blood donation. In this situation patient day by day need of blood increase and at least they die.




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