How does food impact on your health?

food impact on your health?

Food Impact on health:-

How does Food Impact on your Health? The food we eat gives our bodies the information and materials they need to perform the function properly. If we don’t get food on time our metabolic process suffers from health. If we eat too much food, we can overweight and the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

How does the body need essential nutrition food?

The nutrient enables the cell in the body to perform necessary functions. Nutrients are the essential substance for the growth, development, and maintenance of the body. Essential means if a nutrient is not present in aspects of function that’s the way human health declines.

In other words, nutrients must give our body instructions for how to perform the function. Thinking about food in this way views on nutrients that work beyond germs and calories, bad or good food. In this way look food as a way to create health and reduce the risk of disease by helping the body and maintain function.

What does food in our bodies?

Your body processes it over a period of 24 hours. Remember your body doesn’t see foods or individual items such as you eat an egg at this time. it merely takes whatever material you swallow and those extract protein, fats, carbohydrate, and water. After breakdown these molecules into smaller building blocks than absorb them and store them into the body for essential use.

Proteins and sugar go to the liver and other molecules such as fat go to the bloodstream. As well as those molecules perform a complete function to perform body growth and formation of energy for body use.

The body doesn’t really care as long as that food is delivered and a mix of nutrients described. Give it your body digestive system and growth the body formation.

How does food affect the body?

It is no secret when we eat healthy food, so we feel healthy. But the question is, How does food put in our body and function day by day.

When the food put in our body have a significant effect, Therefore it comes to our heart. Physical inactivity, stress, weight gain, and high blood pressure can greatly increase the risk of disease and various cancer.

The nutrient from the food we put it in our body gives our cells to perform a necessary function. Thin such as a planting garden. If you’re planting a potato seed. Ideally, you would use the right soil and amount of the sun for the best seed. If you use dirt and don’t give enough sunlight you still get a potato, but the potatoes may not be reddest, cool, and bit to eat.

In other words, give food to our body right nutrients can help your body grow to a healthy version of yourself. Depending on what type of food your eating can cause your heart to pump harder and make more energy.

Your body intake plays a major role in affecting your heart disease. By eating salty foods, your body will retain water to dilute the blood pressure. Healthy fats like olive oil whole grains can help lower cholesterol and help prevent plaque forming in the arteries.

How does food affect the body?




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