Does Creatine cause hair loss?

Does Creatine cause hair loss?
Does Creatine cause hair loss?

Creatine is a very famous food and sports supplement. You may have listened about that creatine is may cause hair loss. If you are also still confused about that concept, just read that article properly.

In that article, we will review some research evidence about “does creatine cause hair loss”? We will review that what his research says about that concept and try to clear this concept “does creatine cause hair loss”?

If you want to clear that confusion about does creatine causes hair loss? So, you need to read that article till the end. After read that article, we hope you will be all clear about creatine and the major causes of hair loss. 

What the research says about creatine

There is not too much evidence provided by research to prove that may creatine cause hair loss. Some personal factors of people may cause the reason of hair loss.

In 2009, it was found that some rugby players were felt that their hair loss increased during the use of creatine supplements.

In 2009, it was found that some rugby players were felt that their hair loss increased during the use of creatine supplements. So, in that research evidence, it is proved that creatine supplementation does not cause directly hair loss.

What is Creatine? How does it work?

Creatin is a widely researched supplement for getting energy. It is naturally found in animal products. You can buy this buy any near supplement store. There are several specifications of creatine available in the market like powder, liquid, tablets.

Creatine supplement is used for getting energy for body organs. Creatine increases the power of your muscles. When you take a dose of creatine, that is stores in your skeletal muscles, and it breaks when you do any physical activity it is used as a contraction of muscles.

As we early discussed in that headline, creatine supplements are naturally found in animal products. So, you can also get creatine from your liver and kidneys, using animal products like red meat, fish in your diet. That is the natural way to consume creatine by your body organs.

Major Side effects of Creatine

If you are also thinking to start the creatine supplement, then must need to be aware of some side effects of creatine. In that part of the article, we will explore these topics in detail.

Kidney Concerns

There is a concern that the usage of creatine would damage your kidney. It may lead you to cramps in the kidney.

However, in a 2003 study, there was no concern found about that logic. So, hopefully, creatine supplement is not caused to damage your kidney.

Water retention

By the usage of Creatine, it may concern that water retention may start in your body. And water retention increases your weight temporarily, but it would be lead you towards risk.

However, researchers have not found that creatine may cause water retention. Furthermore, in a 2009 study, there is no concern found about creatine to water retention.

Muscle Cramping

You can face the muscles cramping by using creatine supplements. Muscle cramping may lead you towards fever, which can be damage your potential energy.

But, in recent researches, there is no concern found about that topic. So, it is not a major issue but can be listed in the side effects of creatine supplements.

Gain Weight

Creatine may lead to gain weight issues. It may cause to gain weight temporarily, but it would be a risk for life. Because gain weight causes many diseases that lead to death. However, there is no case found of that kind that highlights this concern about creatine.

When to concern a doctor

As we discussed above in this article, Creatine supplements do not cause hair loss. However, if you face hair loss, you should need an appointment with a doctor. Because many reasons cause hair loss. Your doctor would properly work on your issue and find out the actual reason that may cause your hair loss.

In that way, you can find the actual reason for your hair loss. It may be a creatine supplement or any other reason that causes your hair loss.


However, overall concepts of researches have not shown that creatine cause hair loss. Creatine supplement is safe for adults to gain muscles, energy, gain weight.  But, on that topic, there are more researches are needed to do further researches to clear that concern.

Till today’s researches, just this concern clear that creatine supplement causes the DH hormones. And DH hormones lead to hair loss.


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