Coronaviruses variant United Kingdom

coronavirus variant uk

Coronavirus new variant United kingdom

The new shape of covid-19 is started from the United kingdom. The new form of the coronavirus is initially found in October 2020 in the United Kingdom. But that time does not confirm that this will be more dangerous than the current covid-19. And after research researchers find out the of the new shape or form of the coronavirus is more dangerous than covid-19. The United Kingdom was the country that first claims that we introduce the vaccine of covid-19.

But unluckily the advance and new form of coronavirus affect first of all the united kingdom. And In this situation, most of the world’s countries stop their air traveling with UK. Because the restrictions is necessary with the UK to safe others countries. Also, the united kingdom separating their capital London from another state to save others from this dangerous . Coronaviruses variant United Kingdom.

The new shape of the coronavirus taking the old virus place in the human body. But this one is many times danger then the old one. It is spreading very quickly. It is affecting to the cells. And the new coronavirus 70% fast-spreading then covid-19. The of the new shape of coronavirus is spread 2/3 of the total population of the United Kingdom.

In every 3 persons, 2 or 66% are infected by this virus. And this is a very alarming situation for the world. Now some cases find out the neighbors countries of the United Kingdom. According to the World Organization 9 cases in Denmark 1 in Australia and the Netherlands. This the big challenged for the whole world if it spread in the same flow.

Causes of the new variant of coronavirus:

The causes are the old coronavirus. The new lab research the is on the cells. Which is a very alarming situation. The researcher still trying to find out the main cause of the new variant of the coronavirus in the UK. Coronaviruses variant United Kingdom

How can safe self from a new variant of coronavirus:

In the current situation world already surviving the coronavirus-19. But in the United Kingdom, there is found the variant of coronavirus. People need to stay at home. Avoid meeting others and did stay at home. According to the research, it’s many time danger than covid-19. Use face masks and hands sanitizer to be healthy and protected.

Symptoms of coronavirus new variant:

The symptoms are the same as covid-19. But this one is very quickly spreading in the people.



Shortness of .



Muscle pain.


The new variant of coronavirus is starting from the United kingdom. According to the initial review the virus is transferring is very quickly in the United Kingdom. In every 2/3 person is infected. Try to stay at home. And do not meet one another outside home. The vaccine and treatment are not announced by any organization yet. Coronaviruses variant United Kingdom. 




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