What is training?

Training is that activity where leading to skilled behavior. The process of teaching employees basic skills which they need to perform their job. exercise is typically focuses on providing employees with specific skills. workout is a short term of the learning process that involves the gain or knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, and changing of behavior and attitude. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills.
  • Personal fitness training:
Personal trainers possess the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to design a safe and effective fitness program. They assist people in reaching personal health and fitness. How to become a personal fitness trainer. There are six (6) important steps to become a certified personal fitness trainer. 1. How to perform various exercise and routines minimize injuries and improve fitness. 2. Watch clients when do exercise they using correct techniques. 3. Provide alternative exercise during a workout for different levels of fitness and skill. 4. Explain safety rules and regulation of uses of exercise equipment. 5. Give the client information about weight loss and lifestyle issues. 6. Give the emergency first aid kit if an emergency. Personal fitness trainer design and carry out workout routines specific to the needs of their client.

How to get fit at home?

Spend a lot of money on a gym membership for fitness is not only the way to get fitness it’s also possible at your own home. You need a little bit of time and space to work out yourself.

Get started:

• make a plan to eat healthily. • choose the best time for exercise. • find a comfort place in your house to workout. • plan your routine. • log it. • gear up. • set goal.

Designing a home workout:

• Always warm-up • Do some dynamic stretching • Include a cardio exercise segment • Do push-ups exercise • Stretch for flexibility • Cooldown

Sneaking in fitness:

• Workout as you clean • Start walking • Start garden • Take stairs • Lift weight

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