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lifestyle collection expressed with both the work, behavior social that we do. It affects how we see ourselves and identity. When you have all luxury items that you want and buy more this is an example of lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle means high-income parents more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables, having time to exercise, and gives a better living standard to their children. On the other hand, low-income parents are more likely to participate in unhealthy activities and no compromise with others they are in poverty-related stress and depression.  I have come to know many young generations who have found that illness and drugs become the doorway to health.

How we choose the lifestyle collection?

A rural lifestyle is different from the urban lifestyle. A lifestyle collection means way and style of living. Many people used brand products which include clothes, shoes, or any accessories used in daily life. No matter where you go, your school experience will be different from the University. whatever your living standard changes at home and hostels. But in the university community, you feel some change depend on your financial situation.

Today Lifestyle changes:

Today we see wide changes in the lifestyle collection of all people. An unhealthy diet, smoking, drug abuse, stress, and so on, They are the presentation of an unhealthy lifestyle that dominated the form of lifestyle. For instance, emerging of new technology many people face major changes and that threatens the mental and physical health. The challenges occur and misuse of technology. According to the existing studies, lifestyle has a significant effect on the mental and physical health of humans. An unhealthy lifestyle is a preventing factor for increasing the rate of genetic disease. For treating the mental health problem, you should include exercise in daily lifestyle.

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