Best herbs to lose weight fast

best herbs to lose weight


The best way to lose weight is to have a healthy and balanced diet. The person who wants to lose should make a proper diet plan for himself in which he uses the good quality of healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. But with a healthy diet the person who wants to lose weight should also do some exercise to burn the calories and the extra fat. This is best herbs to lose weight fast.

But he also needs to regain the energy and boost his immune system that helps him to burn more calories and fat from his body. If he uses those fat burners which are available in the market which assure to burn fat in a few days. The supplements that are artificially made have a lot of side effects.

After all, everything came up with a price but the herbs are such medicines that can be used as medicines without having any side effects and which are best herb to drop mass and gaining energy for the exercise. Some of the best herbs and spices are listed as follows. Best herbs to lose weight fast.

  1. Aloe Vera.
  2. Dandelion.
  3. Coriander.
  4. Mint.
  5. Gurmar.

Aloe Vera

This type of herbs is easily available in the local market. You can plant this herb in your garden. It looks dashy and spiky. This is best plants to drop avoirdupois fast. It is very easy to use, you just have to cut a piece from an aloe Vera plant, Wash it first and then slice out its jelly liquid and it is ready to use. If anyone wants to lose fat then make juice from aloe Vera plant and mix it with water. You cannot drink aloe Vera juice without water because it is very much bitter in taste.

In old ages aloe Vera gel was used to heal those people who get burned. Aloe Vera gel is best for acne and pimples problems, people who have problems with digestion can also use aloe Vera gel as a digestion medicine. Aloe Vera is one of the best herbs that is easy to have and best in use.


These types of herbs are not much easy to obtain near a store or to grow in every type of environment. Dandelions help the body to flush out the toxic from the body. It helps to reduce the water weight and ease the bloating. In old ages when there wasn’t any type of allopathic medicine. This herb was used as anti toxic medicine. It help people to heal from toxic and it also helps to control the cholesterol level. This herb is still the best herb for diabetic patients, it helps to control the sugar level. People who have blood pressure problems, can also use dandelion for controlling their blood pressure problem.


The herb which has mint plant type leaves and beautiful little flowers on it. Coriander is the herb which is one of the best herbs for losing fat. This is much faster than any other herb. It burns calories very fast. The people who use coriander are very much happy with its effects. Coriander is not good at burning fat only. It also boosts the metabolism of the body. It is much better than any other herbs also, but you can add lemon with coriander juice. Best herbs to lose weight fast.


There are different types of mint. The spearmint and the watermint. There is a hybrid mint which is called peppermint. The peppermint is basically the hybrid of spearmint and watermint. Mint is used in many medicines and mint is itself a medicine too. Mint is good for digestion, it is so good that many people use mint tea after the meal, so the meal gets digested better. The way of using this herb is much simpler. You can make mint tea with fresh or dry mint leaves. If anyone has to enjoy mint tea with better taste or flavor, you can add lemon or honey in it. Mint boosts the immune system to the next level.


This herb is best for sugar control. The best part about gurmar is that you don’t need to dry its leaves or you don’t have to make tea from it. It is much easier than that. If anyone has to use gurmar as medicine, you just pick up some leaves of gurmar and put it in your mouth under your tongue. You can also chew it like bubble gum.


If anyone uses any type of herbs. Always use it in a particular amount and always consult with a herb specialist or a knowledgeable person, because everyone has different body types and immune systems. reduce mass, blubber, quick.


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