Arshad Sharif shot dead in “Identity Mistaken” case: Kenya Police

Arshad Sharif shot died in Nairobi
Arshad Sharif shot died in Nairobi

Arshad Sharif, a senior journalist, and an anchorperson was shot and killed in Nairobi, Kenya. His wife reported early on Monday morning. According to Kenyan police, he was killed in a “mistaken identity” incident.

Siddiqui said on Twitter that a gunshot killed Sharif in Nairobi and that an investigation is still ongoing. Her wife also requested people refrain from posting her family photos, private information, or Sharif’s final hospital photos on social media. He previously worked for ARY News, and after leaving the network, he moved to Dubai. He was spotted in London a few days before traveling to Kenya after arriving from Dubai


In the Kenyan daily newspaper The Star, Sharif was fatally shot in the head by the police for allegedly disobeying a roadblock. “We encountered a gunshot incident that ultimately determined to be a case of mistaken identity involving a journalist. Later, we’ll give further details,” a police officer was reported as saying by The Star.

According to that article, the police claimed that following a carjacking incident in Nairobi when a child was illegally taken hostage, employees at the manned roadblock had information to arrest a car similar to the one Sharif and his driver were using.

Sharif allegedly drove through the barrier despite being requested to stop for identification, according to The Star. The journalist was killed as a result of a long chase and murder that happened.

According to a Kenyan newspaper, Sharif’s driver was hurt and rushed to the hospital. The driver informed the law enforcement officers that he and Sharif were developers and were going to a place in Magadi, it was further said.

A senior police official said that a detailed statement would be released publicly later.

It was described as having a “long, sad record of violent measures to suppress journalists” by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). It exhorted the administration to launch an immediate, open investigation into Sharif’s passing.


Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto is very sad after the tragic death of Arshad Shareef. He also stated that Kenyan authorities have been contacted about it.

“The tragic murder of journalist Arshad Sharif is an irreparable loss to the Pakistani journalist community,” the statement reads.

The foreign minister expressed his condolences to Arshad Sharif’s family, the entire journalism community, and his supporters.

IHC notice to internal and foreign ministries:

A petition was issued today asking the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to set up a panel to investigate the situation surrounding Sharif’s demise. Barrister Shoaib Razzaq, the petitioner, requested the formation of a panel to ascertain the circumstances behind Sharif’s escape. Moreover, he urged the court to provide orders for the return of the journalist’s body to Pakistan.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah questioned the petitioner about the location of the journalist’s body throughout the hearing. The prosecutor then informed the judge that it was in Nairobi, Kenya.

The judge then sent notices to the secretaries of the state for foreign affairs and the interior. Also, he gave orders for members of both ministries to visit with the journalist’s family and deliver a report by tomorrow.


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