Air pollution causes and solutions

Air pollution

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is referring to the pollutants mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Air pollution includes smog, smoke, chemical gases, factories, industrial zone, burning waste, and ozone. The main cause of air pollution gases. The one another most important cause of air pollution is climate change. Air pollution can affect us both inside and outside the body. According to the World Organization (WHO), every year seven million people are killed by air pollution. Due to air pollution humans being suffering from several diseases like asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and also skin disease. And some gases have dangerous poisonous. And during inhaling the air into the lungs it can make our problems. Air pollution causes and solutions.

Causes of air pollution:

The main cause of air pollution is the energy and production zone where is manufacturing is to be done. And such type of zone from where the polluted smoke is released. And some other places where people flame waste garbage.

  • Cutting of trees.
  • Burning of wood.
  • Burning of fossil fuel.
  • The smoke released by factories and industries.
  • The smoke of the vehicles.

Effects of air pollution on human: 

Air pollution has a large number of effects on the world. Air pollution effect on the human being and also environmental effect. And some of the big illness is:

  • Asthma:

Asthma is a sir polluted disease which can attack all the ages of peoples. And asthma is different from one effect to another one.  It was mostly attacked in childhood.


 Bronchitis is a disease that infects the airway of the lungs. The bronchitis main symptoms are and yellow phlegm.

  • Cancer:

Cancer is one of the air pollution diseases. Breast cancer, liver, and more.

  • Skin disease:

Skin is the outer body disease that is caused by an external like the air or any other.

Effects of air pollution on the environment:

The effect of air pollution on the environment is there are a few main things. Humans, animals, plants, and the color of the buildings. Air pollution causes and solutions.


Air pollution is affecting the protective ozone layer, allowing Ultraviolet radiation to penetrate through. The ultraviolet radiation kills the plant and trees. Damage to the ozone layer can affect plant respiration and photosynthesis. This could delay plant growth and cells.


Air pollution affects animals and fishes in the due to acid rain. And also pets affect by air pollution and start in the nose and throat asthma.


Fog can make air pollution make the city foggy. The mixture of the smog and smoke make acid rain. When acid rainfall then the color is changed.

Prevention of air pollution and solutions:

There are multiple ways through which we can reduce air pollution.


1) Must know Air Pollution Comes From:

This first step in air pollution prevention or solution.  And we must understand that from where actually the pollution is coming to the air and as soon as possible to be recovering such an area.

2) Factories and industries shifted:

Must be in our keep and mind that if we need proper solution of this problem we need to set these factories and industries outside the residential zone. Because of the smoke and dust making in air.

3) Reduce the use of smoke release vehicles: 

The use of such type of vehicles which leave the smoke during it may the major cause of air pollution which must be less useful. And avoid using such type of vehicles.

4) Need to do plantation: 

Plants are necessary everywhere. And they provide us oxygen, food, vegetable, grain, and much more but oxygen must provide the human body. And also the plant controls the harmful gases, dust, etc.

5) Use solar energy instead of electrical:

The electrical energy which we use currently in an in-home and all other places where we perform some work. And we need light and other sources need energy. That energy makes heat which also affects the environment. We must try to use solar energy instead of electrical.

6) Avoid to use of plastic bags:

We need to use paper bags instead of plastic. Because the plastic did not decompose in such an environment.

Type of air pollution:

 There are four types of air pollution.

  • Particulate matter.
  • Nitrogen dioxide.
  • Ozone.
  • Sculpture dioxide.

Pollution by countries:

According to a 2019 report top air polluted countries in the world.

  • Bangladesh.
  • Pakistan.
  • Mongolia.
  • Afghanistan.


Air pollution means all the things around us which can see or not but it create pollution in the form of air. The air pollution is made of a mixture of solid and gases substance and also smoke, fog in the air make to air polluted. Prevention is to avoid cutting trees, burning wood, burning plastic. Air pollution causes and solutions.


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